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Willow Celtic Cross

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Willow Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross woven from willow and tied with natural twine. Willow artist Abbie Wiles weaves from willow bushes grown on her farm in West Virginia.

Some consider this a variation of a traditional St. Brigid's Cross, St. Brigid of Kildare being one of Ireland's patron saints.

It could also be a woven version of the Celtic Cross popularized by Saint Patrick. It’s believed Saint Patrick used this cross when bringing Christianity to the Druids and Pagans of Ireland. The circle may represent the circular stones worshipped the Druids or the Sun God worshipped by the Pagans, overlaid with a Christian Cross.

We think if makes a wonderful gift for yourself or another, any time of the year.

This listing is for One cross, approximately 10” x 8”, color of willow may vary from photos.